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radio tom

radio tom

Radio Tom offers Creative Commons podcasts and music. To access a continuous playlist of 70 tunes click here for the radio-tom playlist

It will then use Windows Media Player to stream the entire set.

For many songs chords used have been altered in line with the music system published in for 1-finger guitar playing.Video tutorials for the system can be found on

The music may be freely downloaded and used for any educational or entertainment purpose, commercial or otherwise.  Songs have been carefully screened to be from the public domain. Performances are mine, therefore free of any restrictions. Pre-recorded material used in the educational podcasts, however, has been done with attribution and I ask that this be respected in any re-use or translation of the material.


Neuropsychology for Forensic Psychologists

These are the podcast supplementary resources of the course prepared for the NSW Branch of the Australian Psychological Society College of Forensic Psychologists.

Research Cooperative Podcast Promotion


This is the soundtrack to the video promotion at  It is a straightforward promo using a voice-over with royalty-free music and script from the Coop web site. They are a non-profit voluntary organisation and welcome volunteers, learners, people with experience, professionals, and language-service companies. They are also attempting to raise funds by crowdsourcing at RocketHub

The Psychology of the Internet

National Psychology Week logo

National Psychology Week logo

This podcast is an element in a professional development webquest for National Psychology Week in Australia.

Podcast: psychology-of-the-internet-part1.mp3




The podcast introduces the concepts which can then be researched by participants in more detail by searches on the Web.

After listening to the podcast (or the video version on YouTube  clues to some of the relevant psychological theories are at psychology of the internet crossword clues

The answers to the crossword puzzle are at psychology of the internet crossword answers

Those requiring documentation of their PD are invited to fill in the quiz and submit via email using this form.

I can then receive their answers and thereby confirm their participation by return email.