Gamification Podcast Versions

These are the audio-only versions (.mp3) of the videos available for the Games in Education: Gamification Course. They have been edited so that they retain the key information in the videos but without any silent sections to optimize their length.

1-introduction-to-gamification.mp3 2-what-is-a-game 3-hierarchy-of-game-design 4-strategic-use-of-games 5-from-tasks-to-games 6-making-a-task-into-a-game 7-gamification-application-to-education 8-formal-properties-of-games 9-introducing-unpredictability 10-scenarios-as-levellers 11-levelling-options 12-intermittent-reinforcement-schedules-cognitive-dissonance 13-the-hero’s-journey 14-the-superhero 16-tailor-game-to-learner 17-custom-games


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